Sunday, 7 July 2013

elBulli: ferran adrià and the art of food - exhibition review

a giant meringue bulli (French bulldog)
made for the final day restaurant celebrations

'Head chef and Catalan-born Ferran Adrià is universally accepted as the world’s greatest chef ever to have been. He has contributed to the art of gastronomy, dining and haute cuisine the equivalent of what the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians have contributed to our daily existence, put together. Elevating cooking beyond the familiar boundaries and experiences of eating and the pleasure derived from it, according to the frequent diner and late artist Richard Hamilton, Adrià has in fact created an entirely new language of food, along with the grammar and syntax to structure it. Eating his food, for Richard, was an experience comparable to reading the works of Shakespeare.'

You can find my full review of the exhibition written for Your Local Guardian here:

Somerset House
Runs until 29 September 2013
£10 ticket (£8 concessions)

photographs of some of the 1846 dishes created at elBulli

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