Hello! And welcome to my blog.

I’m a lover of far-off lands and all things gustatory living in South West London. I started this site in October 2012 - it's intended to be a personal anthology charting the places I visit, the cultures I experience, the food I eat, and the impressions they make upon me.

I studied Astrophysics at university and worked in a software company for several years - neither of which automatically marry themselves with the love of travel and food, but I was always planning the next flight and dreaming of the next tasty morsel. I now spend most of my time either eating, travelling, writing about the two, or photographing them. I'm also founder of londoncheapeats.com - check out the great work the team have been up to.

I was brought up surrounded by exceptional cooking from my Mauritian mother and Turkish-Cypriot father; appreciating the huge range of flavours available in the culinary world is something I actively seek out and happily partake in on a daily basis.

This blog chronicles my thoughts, experiences and endeavours along my global journey of discovery. All words and photography are my own and I hope you enjoy them.

If you would like to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 

Leyla Kazim

The Cutlery Chronicles Creative

I am a photographer based in London specialising in food, drink, restaurants and travel. I have worked for clients from across the hospitality industry including restaurants, bars, chefs, caterers, suppliers, media agencies, and journalists. My work and client testimonials can be found at

I'm also an established food and travel writer. I am a regular contributor to The Caterer and Great British Chefs, I'm the resident restaurant critic for T-VINE magazine, and I'm a restaurant critic at Gayot in London.

My words and/or photography have also featured in the The Huffington Post, Evening Standard, JamieOliver.com, Good Things MagazineSuitcase Magazine, The Culture TripEat Travel LiveGoodFood Channel, LoveFood.

By combining expertise in the fields of photography, words, and social media, I produce tailored collateral designed to meet specifications, from copywriting and content marketing, to social media campaigns and photography, and a lot more in between. 

You can take a look at my LinkedIn page for more information.


I am always happy to hear about commissions, brand collaborations, new restaurant openings, press trips and review opportunities either for The Cutlery Chronicles or another outlet - I cover food and travel both in London and beyond. 

Please get in touch about any of the above.


I aim to obtain a testimonial from every client I work with. You can find these on my LinkedIn profile and on my photography website.

Media Coverage & Contributions

February 2017

Culture Whisper - featured in Five of London's Best Instagram Foodies

December 2016

Business Insider - featured in The 50 best food bloggers to follow on Instagram in 2017

November 2016

Huffington Post - interviewed as part of Millennials Paving The Way: An Interview With Instagram’s Top Visual Storytellers

September 2016

Evening Standard - featured as one of London's top 10 foodie influencers on Instagram

July 2016

Olive Magazine - Fridge Raider with Leyla Kazim

Budapest Finest Magazine - The Cutlery Chronicles Takes a Bite out of Budapest

June 2016

Jamie's Food Revolution - The Cutlery Chronicles: My thoughts on sugar

May 2016

Lalani & Co - Where to get your matcha fix in London

Guild of Fine Foods - a food judge at the Great Taste Awards 2016

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March 2016

Foodism - a weekend takeover of their Instagram account

February 2016

Silversea - My gourmet Mediterranean cruise with Silversea

Skyscanner - Cheap alternatives to London's fanciest restaurants

Tabl - How to take pictures of food... properly

Great British Chefs - Seven amazing street food dishes to eat in Penang

January 2016

The Caterer - Menu Watch: Jidori

Evening Standard - featured as founder of London Cheap Eats in top 20 cheap eats article

December 2015

Featured on Instagram's list of Suggested Users for the second time

November 2015

Great British Chefs - Beyond pho: Vietnam's regional noodle soups

Tilda Rice - Tilda Supper Club with The Cutlery Chronicles

October 2015

Project Bly - Thai Biryani from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great British Chefs - A Cambodian royal Khmer cooking class

Great British ChefsSang Khya L’peouv (pumpkin custard)

June 2015

Good Things Magazine - featured in #EPICPHOTO What does it take to achieve food fame on Instagram?

April 2015

Good Things Magazine - Photo Essay: Eat the Streets in Taipei

February 2015

jamieoliver.com - A wonderful wonton soup recipe 

December 2014

Featured on Instagram's list of Suggested Users

T-VINE - Review: Arabica Bar & Kitchen 

November 2014

The Culture Trip - Beloved Spanish chef shares his secrets for decades of success 

The Culture Trip - 10 of the Best Dishes from the Regions of Murcia and Andalucia 

October 2014

The Caterer - Better Business: Queensberry hotel, Bath 

September 2014

The Caterer - Foodservice Focus: Gather & Gather

The Caterer - Better Business: The Stockbridge 

August 2014

The Caterer - Foodservice Focus: BaxterStorey

jamieoliver.com - The best basic hummus recipe 

July 2014

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Lalani & Co - Stopping for tea at Curators Coffee 

June 2014

Lalani & Co. - La Gelatiera 

T-VINE - Lemon Compendium: a book every household should own  

May 2014

The Caterer - Better Business: The Traddock 

Eat Travel Live - What to eat in Osaka 

Bespoke Menu Design - Trend Spotlight: Juicing (photography only)

April 2014

Suitcase Magazine - International Supper Clubs in London 

T-VINE - Soho's Ba Shan: Hunan cuisine full of fire and flavour

February 2014

Jamie Oliver Magazine - 5 Bloggers to Watch this Year

July 2013

Morrisons Magazine - Blog Watch

June 2013

Good Food Channel - Favourite Blogs: The Cutlery Chronicles 

Great British Chefs - Halloumi pasta with lemon and mint 

May 2013

Great British Chefs - Mexican chipotle wings with creamed corn 

Square Meal - Blogger of the Week

Kind words

Jamie Oliver Magazine - Blog to Watch this Year, February 2014*

They did make a mistake with the details of my Cypriot heritage, but kindly apologised and corrected themselves via their Twitter account.

Morrisons Magazine
- BlogWatch, July 2013

Square Meal - Blogger of the Week, May 2013


  1. Love it!! :)

    What inspired you to create the blog Leylabell? What motivates you to continue?

    Always a close friend no matter how distant..


    1. Thanks Micky! :) I talk about and enjoy food so much I thought it was about time I started something like this. It's also a good place to record my recipes for my own reference, and remember what I thought about certain restaurants. I don't quite get to post as often as I like, but hopefully it's an interesting read when I do. I'm glad you like it :)

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  3. Hi Layla - I am just reading your blog with my wife Mel. We love your website! Your writing is so expressive and the photos are great. We have been to the Grain Store and love it as much as you do. I am so pleased that you are doing so well and we must meet up soon. Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley! I've just seen this. Thanks so much - always great to hear people actually read my words. I hope you're well! x

  4. Sorry Leyla - must spell your name right!!! and it is the Ashley from Experian by the way :)

  5. I love reading your blog, Leyla. It's truly beautiful.
    I completely relate to your wise words on excellent food and hospitality, and spend much of my time dreaming of the next wonderful meal or dessert.
    Wishing you a lovely week, kindred spirit.

    1. Hello Ruthie, thanks so much for your kind words :)

  6. Hey Leyla, I always love to visit and check if a restaurant has had one of your trusty reviews before visiting. Your brilliant blog name 'the cutlerychronicles' has stuck with me since the first time I saw it!

    1. That's a lovely thing to say, thank you so much! :)

  7. Great Work Leyla. My first memories of falling in love for food has been my mother cooking delicious noodles for me. Nice to connect to you. :)

    1. A lovely memory. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. Hi Leyla
    i am regular reader of your blog and really love to read you blog.


  9. I am just reading your blog with my wife Mel. We love your website! Your writing is so expressive and the photos are great. We have been to the Grain Store and love it as much as you do

    1. Thank you so much for saying so Priya, that's always lovely to hear :) :)

  10. Great Work Leyla. My first memories of falling in love for delicious noodles post. thanks for sharing this post with us.


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