‘Twas the night before Christmas..

..and I’ve taken the executive decision to open the first of my presents early. These are edible gifts (the best kind) and came from my good friend Mel.

I have also decided they deserve their own blog entry because they just look excellent – they have been wrapped up so beautifully. Not only do they contain jars of homemade goodness, but completely homemade wrapping. We’re talking custom made stamps to print onto the round labels; pretty stamped circles of fabric hand sewn onto the larger fabric tops; and all sitting pretty in a wicker basket wrapped in snow flake cellophane. Clearly made with a lot of love and care, and much appreciated.

I have:

  • Raspberry and cranberry jam
  • Rhubarb and orange jam
  • Prune, apple and walnut chutney

Quite sure she could have sold these for a decent profit. But instead I got them – joy.The chutney will get an outing this evening along with a delicious cheeseboard. Can’t wait.

I should definitely start wrapping presents now..

Happy Christmas!

Alfiyet olsun.


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