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RECIPE | ‘The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter, banana and bacon mini cakes

A recipe for mini cakes based on ‘The Elvis’ sandwich

‘The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter,
banana and bacon mini cakes

All hail America and their weird and wonderful flavour combinations. Bacon with maple syrup, chicken and waffles, peanut butter and jelly (or jam, as we in Blighty like to call it).

And from America, we have none other than The King himself to thank – Elvis Presley – for introducing the world to the awesome combination of peanut butter, banana and bacon. It’s no secret most things are improved with bacon, and this particularly holds true when peanut butter is involved.

The history behind this infamous sandwich, now universally referred to simply as ‘The Elvis’, is that old snake hips himself was well acquainted with fanciful food cravings. There have been many articles written about his creative culinary tastes, and his love of peanut butter and banana sandwiches with crisp bacon is well reported, even by his mother, Gladys Presley.

So when Stork approached me to come up with a cake recipe that included bananas to coincide with the London Marathon (bananas for energy, see), and wanting to steer away from well worn banana breads, The Elvis came to mind.

In this recipe I’ve created a mash-up between The Elvis sandwich, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, but in cake form. Which means there’s also a slick of jam in between the two halves of each mini cake. You get a lovely and hearty end product, and they look pretty good too.

making ‘The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter, banana and bacon mini cakes

ingredients to make ‘The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter, banana and bacon mini cakes

There are a few steps to this recipe, but it’s nice and simple and will help you get acquainted with the baker within.

What I’ve done is used Stork with Butter to make these Elvis mini banana sandwich cakes – that link is the step-by-step recipe on the Stork website for you to follow at home. I’ve been a long time fan of using Stork when baking sponges, and I’ve realised Stork with Butter works very well in the peanut butter frosting in this recipe too – it’s a versatile ingredient, and the fact it can be used straight from the fridge is always a bonus. 

Here’s the link to my ‘The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter, banana and bacon mini cakes recipe for you to try at home. If you do, the lovely folk over at Stork would love to see how it went. You can share your ‘The Elvis Sandwich’ cake bakes on Instagram tagging @bakewithstork, Twitter tagging @bakewithstork, or Facebook tagging the /bakewithstork page. And tag me as well please – I’d love to see too. And feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know how it went – I’d love to know what you think!

The Elvis’ sandwich peanut butter, banana and bacon mini cakes

This is a sponsored post, in partnership with Stork, as part of a campaign to help the occasional baker be creative in the kitchen, giving you the tools you need to make show-stopping, crowd-pleasing, tasty bakes in a simple way. I hope you get to try this one – it’s a corker! With thanks to Elvis.

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Leyla Kazim
Leyla Kazim

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