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Here are some of the people
in my life that feature in my blog posts – I expect this page will build with time.

They are friends and family, and they all enjoy their food.  


This is my boyfriend, Matt. “I’m a better cook than Leyla but I prefer eating my food instead of taking pictures of it while it goes cold.”

He indeed is a very good cook. He thinks he’s better than me.

Matt has done a great job in helping me create and design this blog. His most favourite thing in the world is a Danish pastry with a strong coffee. His favourite cuisine is Turkish.

This is me with my Mum – possibly the best cook in the world.

Along with French and Italian, her specialities include food from her homeland – Mauritius.

This is me and my Dad.

He is also an excellent cook, specialising in food from his own island North Cyprus.


This is my good friend, Mel.

Mel is an interior designer and loves her food, almost as much as me.  She dines out often and is my most reliable dining companion.

“I love food. I am food.”

This is my good friend, Lea.

Lea has introduced me to one of my favourite restaurants to date – Lima.

She knows what’s good and I’m looking forward to sampling her future recommendations.


This is my good friend, John.

“I like eating food
sometimes.  I don’t like going long periods of time without
eating food.  I do like to cook food but I prefer other people to
cook it for me. I’m quite good at washing up as well.  

I think cashews deserve
a lot more press than they currently get.”

Have you watched my latest YouTube video?

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