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OPINION | How to be a part of the global voice of opinion with YouGov

Last Updated on September 7, 2017 by Leyla Kazim

getting opinionated on YouGov over breakfast

What do Londoners like most and least about living in London? Would people support raising National Insurance to fund the NHS? How many hours of box sets are Brits happy to watch in any one setting? What do people across Europe and Asia think of America for electing Donald Trump?

All interesting questions, right? And likely ones you have opinions on too. These are just a handful of examples of the types of surveys you can find on YouGov, the global community of over 5 million people across 38 countries, who share their opinions on… well, everything.

The nice people over at YouGov got in touch with me to let me know what they’re about, and why it’s a good idea to sign up and participate in their online surveys. Great if you are, like me, of the opinionated persuasion. Or you like the idea of helping shape public opinion – anything from favourite brands, to government policy. And YouGov are the most quoted research company in the UK, so your opinions will help make the headlines too. Plus, you can redeem points for real cash and prize draws for the surveys you fill in.

YouGov members share their opinions all day every day, all around the country. YouGov then analyse that information and publish select findings on their website on a daily basis. They call their database the YouGov Cube, and they’re pretty certain it’s the largest daily updated record of people’s habits and opinions in existence.That’s quite impressive.

Joining is free and quick and you can do so here. I did, and shared some thoughts on the state of global politics over this epic breakfast spread ✌️

my favourite thing about London are the views 💙

Here are the answers to those first few questions: history comes out on top when Londoners were asked what they liked most about living in London, with cost of housing and living coming out on the bottom; the majority of people would support a raise in National Insurance to fund the NHS, Brits are happy to watch four hours or more of box sets; and people across Europe and Asia now have a lower opinion of America and Americans because of Trump. Quelle surprise (!)

Note: This is a sponsored post in partnership with YouGov, as part of their campaign to encourage people to register on their website, and take part in some surveys! 

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