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Why This Food Gift Hamper Is The Best Of The Christmas Hampers {Ad}

Last Updated on May 19, 2021 by Leyla Kazim

Selfridges Festive Fun Christmas Hamper Food Gift Hamper

6 Reasons Why This Selfridges Food Gift Hamper Is One Of The Best Christmas Hampers Out There

In collaboration with Selfridges.

It’s not hard to spend silly money on Christmas food hampers these days. They can get really fancy and some of them rocket to an eye-watering amount.

But if you’re looking for something that’s reasonably priced, whilst still being a showstopper and full of things your favourite person will actually want to eat, then this Festive Fun Hamper from Selfridges might be the one you’ve been looking for.

Here are 6 reasons why I think this food gift hamper is one of the best out there.

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Piccalilli, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers
Thick-cut marmalade, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers

1) There’s a giant gold coin in this gift hamper. Sold.

If a big gold shiny coin filled with milk chocolate doesn’t have you pining for the days of your youth and the joy a bag of the mini versions would bring, nothing will. The ultimate nostalgia Christmas edible.

Except these ones are embossed with the Selfridges logo, making them suitably swish and grown up.

2) These Christmas hampers contain something edible that doubles up as a Christmas tree decoration

It’s the food gift that keeps on giving. Not only will you find a collection of salted caramel chocolate truffles in this gift hamper, but they’re hidden away inside a big red bauble.

Complete with a loop of string, this gift within a gift is ready to go straight on the tree. Emblazoned with ‘Deck the Halls’, your lucky Christmas hamper receiver can save this one for when they think they couldn’t possibly eat another bite.

Until they clock it winking at them from the tree screaming ‘EAT ME’. How can anyone resist.

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Rosemary and salt savoury biscuits, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers
White chocolate and pistachio biscuits, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers

3) Ever looked for Christmas food hampers with more food and less booze? This is the one.

Believe it or not folks, not everyone likes to drink their body weight in alcohol over the festive season. In fact, there are some people who don’t drink at all (it’s true – my partner is teetotal).

So if you’re searching for food hampers that are brimming with tasty treats rather than libation, this one from Selfridges is a great option. There’s no alcohol in here, at all. Not even in the Christmas pudding (see below).

Rather than your food gift containing an unwanted bottle destined for dust collecting, you know everything in the hamper will be received with joy and actually consumed.

4) There’s a whole Christmas pudding in this gift hamper of hampers

What a delightful person you are, dear gift hamper giver, considering the Christmas day welfare of your nearest and dearest.

Imagine their joy on Christmas morning, tearing open their beautiful food gift, to find it contains a whole Christmas pudding. Dessert sorted – PHEW.

And if they had already accounted for dessert? ‘There’s definitely too much cake here,’ said no one ever on Christmas Day.

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Christmas pudding, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers
Spiced hot chocolate, Selfridges food gift Christmas hampers

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5) Food hampers containing a key ingredient for your Boxing Day turkey sandwiches

This gift hamper of hampers even has your gift receiver covered on Boxing Day. It contains a jar of terrific piccalilli.

If you usually have your Boxing Day turkey sandwiches with mayo and pickled onions (the dream team), try replacing those pearly onions with salty-sour piccalilli. You can thank me later.

6) You know it’s a thoughtful food gift when there’s enough tea and biscuits to keep you going into the new year

There’s a box of spiced tea in these Christmas hampers. Along with white chocolate and pistachio thin sandwiches. As well as a ribbon-tied box of cantuccini, half of which have been dipped in chocolate.

Not to mention the chocolate-dipped candied orange segments.

That’s a lot of biscuits, and quality caffeine. Just the things you need when you’re feeling a little delicate on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Post-party preparation is key.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Christmas hampers available from Selfridges, they’ve got a fab collection.

Have you ever gifted Christmas hampers? Would you like to receive food hampers for Christmas (I know I would!)? Do you, or your friends and family like food gifts? If so, what sort of stuff would you love to receive? Have you ever made your own gift hampers to give away? What would be in your dream food gift hamper? Let me know in the comments below!

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Note: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Selfridges. What a truly delightful hamper – I love it. All views remain my own, as always.

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